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Rocky Mountain News Denver Colorado May 7 -1967

Rocky Mountain News   Denver Colorado                                                                                 May 7 -1967

Tales of Safari Chief :

Have to be Quick To Hunt Lions

By David Brand

Rocky Mountain News Writer

Somewhere along the trail someone produced a theory about staring a lion into submission. Don’t believe it.

When a lion is coming at you from 30 yards there’s only one thing to do: Stand your ground and let him have it – right between the eyes with a double-barreled rifle.

That’s the advice of Professional Hunter Mohamed Iqbal, better known to his gung-ho clients as Ball. A Kenyan of Indian extraction,

Bali has seen more than his share of charging heavyweights.

Oh, and there’s just one more piece of ad­vice: “If the bullets don’t stop the cat- start praying.”

Roger Musick,  left; Mohammed Iqbal,  Alias Bali

Companion Hunters: Roger Musick, left; Mohammed Iqbal, Alias Bali

There’s the time, not too long ago, when Bali was standing his ground before a charg­ing buffalo. His bullets tore into the animal’s skull – but it kept coming, tossing Bali aside and on past him. Then it dropped dead.

“You see,” says Bali, “the momentum had carried the animal forward – it is something that can happen. I was scratched and I twist­ed my ankle. Not too much otherwise.

“You have to know when the animal is close enough to shoot – 99 percent of the time he will drop. It’s that 1 percent you have to worry about.”

Ball Visits Denver

Bali was in town 1o visit safari-client Roger Musick, a Denver architect. He flew in from San Antonio, where he had been attending an international big game conference.

Forget about the Errol Flynn-with-a-swagger-stick image of big game hunters (blood­thirsty types crashing through the jungle). click to read more

The win­ner of the Shaw and Hunter Trophy

10-Nevada State Journal-SPORTS Tuesday, May 16, 1967

Famous Big Game Hunter in Reno learns of World Record Trophy Award.

Bali Mauladad

Bali Mauladad

A professional hunter-guide who traveled halfway around the globe to attend a convention in the United States learned In Reno yesterday that he has won the world’s finest trophy in his field.

Mohammed Iqbal, known to his friends as “Bali” is the win­ner of the Shaw & Hunter Trophy, it was announced in Nairo­bi this week.

Bali” was visiting Chet Piazzo (of the Sportsman store in Reno whom he met in Africa, and his old friend John St. Clair, ex-professional hunter who now lives in Reno. when he learned of the award..

The Shaw & Hunter Trophy is to the professional big game hunter what the Oscar is to the movie business, .and is awarded annually to the pro hunter who produces the finest trophy for a client during the past year.

“Bali” is the first Mohammedan to become a member of’ the exclusive Professional Hunters Association. He is a native of Nairobi and commenced his career with the old Safari Company under chairmanship of Jim Corbett, greatest hunter of man-hunters in history. click to read the Full Article